Jeep Wrangler Window Roll ('07-16 Wrangler JK)



Product Details

The perfect way to store your Wrangler windows and protect them from dirt and scratches. Made in the USA.

The Window Roll is designed for all Jeep 1987-2016 Wranglers. Additionally, it will work on CJ's as long as there are zip out windows. The Window Roll keeps your windows from taking up valuable passenger seating and from being stepped on, scratched or flying out of the Jeep. Your windows can also be stored with the top up and windows out. The Window Roll holds your zip-out windows between layers of Soft felt inside a durable nylon bag. The nylon bag is water resistant and coated to prevent dirt and dust from getting on the felt. The Bag is then attached with the straps and buckles to your roll bar or you can use it to store your windows at home. On long rides you can enjoy the sunshine during the day and re-install the windows when the sun goes down. Have you ever hesitated taking your windows out and leaving them at home because there are clouds in the sky? Now you don't have to because they are with you all the time! The weatherman is not always right! During trail riding you can take your windows out so they won't get scratched from the branches and leave the top up. In this manner the window roll goes across the tub and straps to the roll bar in the normal manner.

Years: 2007-2016
Models: Fits all Models
Description: Window Roll for 4 Door Wrangler
Part #: 10ST9704

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