Jeep Tailgate Tent and Rain Cover in Gray by My Wet Willy (All 2 Door Jeep Wranglers)



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Jeep Tailgate Tent and Rain Cover in Gray by My Wet Willy (All 2 Door Jeep Wranglers)


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      Jeep Tailgate tent and Rain Cover for Jeepers from Jeepers. Only Jeep owners understand the feeling of freedom that their Wranglers bring to life. As Jeepers ourselves we wanted to create a solution for a few frustations we ran into on a regular basis.

      The first was how to keep the weather behaving proper for the adventures we wanted to have on any certain day. Having freedom also brought with it the rain and the sun even when we were not ready to stopping playing.

      • Removing our tops and doors meant we had to lug them around with us in case the weather changed.
      • Jeeping with our freinds and family meant we needed to bring shelter from the sun and rain unless we wanted to sit in our Jeep.

      We created My Wet Willy and the total experience changed in minutes.

      What does the My Wet Willy do for you and your family?

      • Allows you to leave your top and doors at home
      • In minutes you can install your My Wet Willy to your Exposed Jeep Roll bar
      • Once installed it is quick and easy to deploy Wet Willy as a Rain Cover for your Wrangler or as a Tailgate Tent
      • One solution for two frustrations
      • Your Wet Willy has everything you need in 1 attractive pack that attaches to your roll bar
      • For those times you can't stake the ground, like games, events etc.
      • This Wet Willy Tailgate Tent and Rain Cover includes a Sandbag addition.
      • Just attach to the tent straps and the wind will be under control.
      • Now you can get to your destination and quickly provide shade and protection for your friends, family and yourself.

      Every order contains:

      • One MWW bag with Top
      • Ground Screw Spikes (Bag of 6)
      • Collapsable Tent Pole
      • Tailgate Sandbag
      • Straps and Hooks to secure MWW to your Jeep Wrangler


      • Fits: All 2 Door Wranglers with Exposed Roll Bar
      • Color: Gray
      • Hardware included
      • Material: Nylon Ripstop

      Jeep Owners have a unique relationship with their Jeeps. No other vehicle made has this claim. Now you can take your Wrangler to the Mountains, Beach, Hunting, fishing or camping and you have less to pack and more time to enjoy.

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