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Order Processing Times:

Here at, We have many great items here at our main warehouse and others that we source out from partner warehouses. Please note the processing times below for those items to alleviate any questions or confusion as to when you can expect your item to arrive.

Same day Ship Items: Same day ship items are items that we have readily available here in our direct warehouse. Those items include clothing and apparel, drinkware, dog beds, and many other small merchandise that is marked on our site as same day shipping available. Those items ship the day they are ordered as long as the order is placed before 3pm Monday through Friday. Any order placed after 3pm or on weekends will be packed and shipped the next business day.

Print on Demand items: Any items ordered that state they are print on demand through Printful, Apliiq, or any other print on demand company have a 5-7 day processing time before they are shipped as they are custom printed designs.

Custom Tire Covers / Grille Inserts: Custom Tire covers and Grille Inserts have a 5-7 day processing time before they ship. This does not include weekends/holidays. These are American Made and shipped direct from the printer so times vary on arrival after the item has been shipped.

Mopar items: All Mopar items have a 3-5 day processing time to allow for items to be sent over from our offsite Mopar warehouse. Some items depending on size and age of vehicle may have a longer processing time and will be expressed on a case by case basis if the item plans to take longer than the time originally allotted.

Outside Vendors: Like many other companies out there, we really on other partners in the industry with help in drop shipping some of our items for us to customers. These include Vendors like Thule, Weathertech, Smiitybilt, Mastertop, Aspen, Steinjager, Kentrol, DV8 Offroad, and any other vendors besides our same day ship and Mopar Items. These items generally have the same day ship time of 5-7 days as most our other items but many times come sooner and sometimes take longer. Please take this into account when ordering these specific items and brands.

*** Please note the availability of our items vary from day to day. Everything on our site is listed as available until we are told otherwise. Items for Older models such as CJ’s are not something we are able to get. TJ’s and JK’S can sometimes run into issues as well so please check before ordering anything to be sure its something that is still available. If the vehicle is no longer made, usually the parts start going down that same road and availability is limited or no existent. Unfortunately some of those items we are not made aware of until the item order is sent to the outside warehouse to be filled. Companies do their best to let us know of items that are added and removed from their inventory but we are all human and make mistakes and sometimes that information doesn’t always get out there until an instance of an order coming through for that item. Please be understanding of this as we are in a world of constant changes with supply and demand and shortages and delays are still a big part of our lives unfortunately. Please don’t hesitate to reach out about any specific item you are interested before placing an item to check its availability. Thank you for your understanding.

Order/Shipping Confirmations/Tracking: Once an order has been received here at Jeepworld, an email is sent that states that the order was received/confirmed. Please be sure to include your email in your order as that is our main form of communication for order updates, issues and tracking information. If you don’t see that email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam/junk folder. That order is then either filled with the same day ship items and packaged to be sent out or it is ordered through one of our outside vendors. When a same day order is filled and completed, tracking information is sent to the email that is provided in the order. Any item that is ordered through an outside vendor besides Mopar items is shipped directly from that vendor. When they fill and ship the order, they pass on that information to us where we then pass it along to you, the customer. Please allow the proper processing time for these orders to pass before reaching out to check the shipment status of these items.