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MasterTwill Cable-Style Bimini Top, WindStopper Plus and Tonneau Cover Combo by MasterTop ('07 - '09 Wrangler JK 2-Door)



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MasterTwill Cable-Style Bimini Top, WindStopper Plus and Tonneau Cover Combo by MasterTop ('07 - '09 Wrangler JK 2-Door)


  • Product Description

      The MasterTwill Ultimate Summer Combo Tops are an all in one combination for Wrangler JK 2 Door Jeeps. This three-piece kit includes a cable style Bimini Plus top with the no drill header attached, the Wind Stopper Plus cab curtain and a rear Tonneau that is custom fit for the vehicle.

      All three pieces are designed to help enclose the cab and rear of the Wrangler JK. All of the components are constructed of durable thee layer MasterTwill material, which makes this combo the ultimate in luxury and convenience.

      The cable style Bimini Plus top features a unique design that uses a sewn in cable and spring that attaches to the vehicle and provides a tight fit along the factory door surrounds. The pre-installed header windshield channel secures the top along the front of the windshield.

      The included Wind Stopper curtain and Tonneu cover are custom matched and designed to work exclusively together to seal the rear of the JK. Factory door surrounds and rear tailgate bar are required to be reused for correct fitment.

      The hardtop version of this combo includes door surrounds and tailgate bar with clips for vehicles not equipped with factory components. The Ultimate Summer Combo Is made of the finest materials and is designed to protect you from sudden showers and adverse weather.

      However, this top is not designed to be waterproof and water can enter the cab during heavy down pours. Never take this top through an automatic car wash.

      Note: Due to the factory location of the roll bar, your backwards and reclining front seat adjustment may be hindered while using the WindStopper Plus. This normally affects front seat adjustment for people 5 foot 10 inch or taller.

      MasterTwill Material: MasterTwill is an innovative material that is designed to provide superior weather and noise protection, while giving that true fabric convertible top look! This three-layer material is specially manufactured to give the ultimate in waterproof and insulated protection from any type of weather.

      Complete Solution: The MasterTwill Ultimate Combo is the all-in-one stop for a summer combination soft top for the Wrangler JK 2-Door. The Bimini Top Plus, pre-installed header windshield channel, Windstopper Plus, and custom Tonneau cover are all included. All components are custom designed to work together to ensure the best fit and performance.

      Craftsmanship: MasterTop Soft Tops proudly include a Treated Aluminum Emblem making the MasterTop brand stand out from the competition.


      • 07-09 Wrangler JK 2 Door
      • Requires use of factory style soft top door surrounds MasterTwill
      • Color: MasterTwill Black

      Parts Included

      • Hardware Type: Summer Combo
      • Fabric: Twill (30oz)
      • Bimini Plus Top
      • Header Channel
      • Wind Stopper Plus
      • Rear Tonneau Cover
      • Hardtop Version Includes Door Surrounds and Tailgate bar with clips
  • Product Details